Find out who are the partners of the 2021 Good Vibes Run. We invite you to be a part of the various partnership and marketing opportunities Good Vibes Run has to offer throughout the year. It is a tremendous opportunity to build brand loyalty and attract new customer. For more information about Good Vibes Run partnership opportunities, feel free to drop us an email at sponsorship@metasport.com




MetaSport is a leading sport management company in Asia staging some of the most prestigious triathlon and cycling events in Singapore and Indonesia, among which are IRONMAN 70.3 Bintan, Tour de Bintan, MetaSprint Series Singapore, Run as One Singapore, CSC Run by the Bay and City60 Bike-Run Challenge.

We are also embracing the new era of racing, with the incorporation of technology into our events. A hybrid event model is shaping the way we see the future of running and multisport via our newly-built MyRaceGate app. Run As One Singapore, and the Good Vibes Run are the launch events showcasing this technology.

MetaSport also manages Singapore’s largest and most respected triathlon training community, with 12 highly inspiring coaches and 100 members attending seven weekly coached sessions.

Our mission is to create an experience that has a positive impact on others. We believe in sport as a vehicle to empower people and improve lives. We seek to provide our customers with the most compelling and enriching experience by offering a challenge that has a powerful meaning. The finish line is only a milestone on the journey to a better life.

More at: www.metasport.com


Bondi Vite

At Bondi Vite, we’re dedicated to healthy living and human performance as an actively pursued goal.  Complimentary medicine is a key pillar to support training, and life in general to help athletes recover, have sufficient energy and stay injury free. 

We aim to bring a high-performance mindset to the products we develop, because we’re here to support your goals and ensure you can get the best out of yourself. 

Our high strength product range has been meticulously developed to support that ambition. 



“We imagine a world, where people feel seen, heard, safe and connected through the everyday shared conversations and stories”

Sevenstory was born out of a strong desire to flip the narrative on the stereotypes and stigma surrounding mental and social wellbeing through powerful stories and shared conversations in safe communities.

Somehow humans are like onions, we have layers and those layers define who we are, define our values, and explain why we do what we do. But, often, most people see the surface, the outer layer, and don’t look further. At the core of the onion is love, which is our deepest desire to love and to be loved. 

We are a moving force for good that connect to individuals through the power of everyday stories, and there’s something timeless and inherently good about having meaningful conversations with people who use it to unburden themselves of the deepest things they’ve been carrying.

Sevenstorys collection is a series of T-shirts that features a unique blend of unspoken truths that evokes lighthearted chuckles to deep philosophical musings.

We created these T-shirts stories for people who enjoy taking a look inside of themselves and finding the root of their feelings.

These stories mean a great deal to us and to the many individuals We’ve listened to and we hope it can help start a conversation on what it means to you and for the people around you.


Key Power Sports

Key Power International is a Singapore based company established in 2006, for the distribution and retailing of performance sporting goods.  Founded by avid runners and triathletes, Key Power International believes in the products it represents strongly.

Key Power International represents high-profile sporting good brands and has gained a strong presence in 3 key regional markets – Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia. With a distribution network of more than 200 partners, Key Power International believes in finding the right partners to represent its brands.

Some of our brands: SKINS, Brooks, Newton, Pearl Izumi, Manduka

More at: https://keypowersports.sg



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