It’s time to get excited about your upcoming Good Vibes Run race. We have put together some checklists to ensure you have all the information you need for a successful run.  



Pre-race (week prior to event):

  • You must have booked a time slot in order to be able to start your race.
  • You can change your time slot at any time, so long as there is availability at your new chosen time. 
  • During your registration for the event, you were asked to select your Key Power Sports store to collect your order placed on the MetaSport shop.
  • If you have successfully placed an order on the MetaSport shop, you have received an email to collect your goodies ordered. (If you haven’t received anything, check your junk.)


  • Check the venue map for the start and finish locations. 
  • Plan your travel to the race to be on time for your running time slot.
  • Review the detailed course map to familiarize yourself with the route.
  • From Wednesday 15 September , you will be able to download the MyRaceGate app and onboard ready  for the race. Detailed information will be emailed to you. 

Pre-race (day of the race):

  • Double check your day and time slot booking to ensure you make it at the right time to the start venue. 
  • Fill a water bottle to use during the race, as there are no drink stations available.
  • Charge your phone battery fully.
  • Grab your headphones.
  • Ensure your phone settings are set for the best experience (click to learn more)
  • Select your target time. Enter a target time if you want to  receive audio messages along the route advising if you are ahead or behind your chosen time. It’s a cool tool  to be motivated to stay on pace, and achieve your goal. You may skip this step if the finish time is not important to you.
  • Choose your competitors. Select two runners who have already completed your chosen distance. It could be your best mate, or a long-time rival. You will receive regular messages throughout your run advising you if you are ahead or behind your chosen competitors. An extra bit of motivation to drive you faster, and provide a new racing element to enjoy during your race. (You may skip this step, considering this is a non-competitive event)
  • Wear a face mask while you travel to the venue and as you prepare to start your race.
  • Please do not bring any spectators with you.
  • Please do not bring any bags with you since there is no bag minding service.
  •  Wear your Good Vibes Run event t-shirt and radiate happiness during your run!
  • Note: if it’s raining and you can’t leave the house to do your race, book a new time slot as soon as possible.

During the race:

  • Look for the start landmark for the course you have chosen.
  • Keep a safe distance. Do not linger or gather in groups at the start.
  • Press the ‘start countdown’ button on the race app and wait to hear the countdown and horn before starting your race.
  • Do not lock or put your phone in your pocket until you hear the horn sound.
  • Listen to the audio messages from the app to find your way around the course. If a message is not clear, you can always open the map on the app to check if you are still on track.
  • Always abide by the safety measures, including keeping a distance of 2 metres from other runners or pedestrians during the race.
  • The app will automatically finish when you cross the virtual finish line. You will hear a congratulatory message and the app will show that you have successfully finished. It will happen automatically.
  • Check your result on the app
  • If you have a problem please contact us.
  • Remember to upkeep the cleanliness of Singapore and do not litter.
  • Take photos of scenic spots and landmarks along the way using the camera function and photo frame in the app. Don’t forget to tag us @goodvibesrun_sg!


  • Put your face mask back on.
  • Keep a safe distance. Do not linger or gather in groups at the finish.
  • When you get home: 
    • Share your experience socially and hashtag us #goodvibesrun.
    • Download your e-certificate.


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