About Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH)

Established in 1968, the Singapore Association for Mental Health is a non-profit and non-government social service agency. With a vision to promote mental wellness for all, SAMH is committed to improve the lives of, and promote acceptance and respect for, persons with mental health issues and improve the mental resilience of the community.

SAMH provides a comprehensive range of mental health services, which include rehabilitative, outreach and creative services, to the community in Singapore.

SAMH aims to reintegrate persons with mental health issues back into society through community-based mental health programmes and services that provide rehabilitative care for these individuals, and support for their families and caregivers. 

In 2018, SAMH celebrated its 50th anniversary where the Association pledged its commitment to step up efforts and address the growing challenge of mental health issues among the people, young and old. 

The campaign #ItStartsFromHome
Home is where an individual can nurture resilience and is often the first line of support against the vicissitudes of life. As we grow up, we go beyond the walls of our homes and extend our reach into the communities that we are vested in.

The #ItStartsFromHome (ISFH) campaign is rooted in bringing family values, such as care and concern, showing kindness, learning together, building connections, and bringing hope within our community.

Every conversation matters to share the importance of mental health and illness within the communities. Conversations can also take on a ripple effect of bringing the message far and beyond their own communities. Fundraising efforts go beyond securing monetary gain, but it is one of the drivers within the community to educate and bring more awareness to the mental health cause.

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