Why run with us?

Here at MetaSport, we believe mental wellness is as important as physical health and fitness. The Good Vibes Run was launched to raise awareness of mental health issues, and its impact on the community especially at the moment.  With the mantra of “spreading the good vibes” we encourage everyone to bring positivity to those around them. 

So why run with us?

The non-competitive vibe of the event  means there will be no need to fret about finishing times or personal records. Instead, you can soak up the sights and sounds of our mood boosting routes, and enjoy an evening with friends or family, even your kids!

Numerous studies have shown the benefits of exercising, with aerobic exercise proven to reduce depression and anxiety. Although exercise has been traditionally linked to weight loss and management, there has been a recent shift in emphasis to its stress-relieving benefits. It’s so pleasing to see people of all ages taking up sports such as cycling or hiking, and signing up for online fitness classes.


So take a break, take the time to admire and appreciate the scenery, and allow your mind and body to relax, because mental health is important too.



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